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Shivangi is a born nutritionist! But it is her journey that gives us an accurate insight into her chosen life path, determination and ultimate purpose.

Deeply connected to her Indian roots, Shivangi was exposed to a high quality, natural diet from her birth. This led to a balanced lifestyle amply filled with old Indian customs such as drinking water from copper pots and consuming purely seasonal vegetables. Though her foundations were wise, her true learnings began with a change that exposed her to a world of supposed convenience. Overnight, Shivangi was forced to consume the likes of canned food, processed items and bottled mineral water! Though these seemed like nominal changes, their ill effects were soon revealed…

A couple of years ago, Shivangi went through a troubling pregnancy, followed by an extreme case of dermatitis, borderline diabetes, thyroid issues, and an allergy to wheat and milk.

She investigated her condition, in consultation with medical experts and soon discovered that it was all related to her diet, which at that point was a mix of processed, refined foods and many pills. She quickly adopted the naturopathy way of life, by growing her own vegetables, sourcing fresh milk from local cows and meditating regularly. 

In a matter of weeks, Shivangi began to show miraculous change. She emerged happier, more energetic and healed!

As a prime example and living proof of the positive impact of naturopathy and the right diet, she was drawn towards this school of thought and decided to formally study it. Today, Shivangi is in the process of acquiring an MSc in Clinical Nutrition, from a renowned university in Scotland.

As she expands her knowledge, Shivangi is simultaneously engaged with helping numerous suffering individuals around her, by guiding them to eat well and lead better lifestyles. 

The mantra is to go Natural, get Organic, and return Back-to-basics!

For any inquiries call the hotline: +1(800)123-1234

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