Structured Water

Structured Water

Structured Water

Have you ever seen images of structured water? You will be mesmerized by the symmetrical beauty of this natural element that dominates our planet and body. Incidentally, water is the only liquid known to us that has a lovely, aligned structure, especially after it has fallen as rain and flowed over natural terrain. This is the innate quality of structured water.


In this blog, we will analyse the structure of water and learn how and why we should restore it before we drink it.

What is structured water?

When we say ‘structure of water’, we are talking about its molecular pattern. Structured water is also known as hexagonal or magnetized water. All water is structured when it is first created, 


The composition of water is H2O which simply means 2 atoms of Hydrogen and 1 atom of Oxygen. When these atoms combine, the result is pure water. The bonding of atoms within a water molecule occurs owing to a delta negative charge towards the hydrogen and a delta positive charge towards the oxygen. These two polarizing, negative and positive aspects of water play with one another and the environment to collect while they cleanse and flush out toxins, with their movement.


As long as water is moving or running, it is able to maintain its balanced polarization and structured form. As soon as water is stagnant or it is mixed with chemicals, its structure is altered, making it less beneficial to drink or even bathe in.


Here’s a harsh truth: Most water storage facilities in the modern world such as dams, tanks or filters hold unstructured water.

How to structure water

Since only a handful of us are lucky enough to get access to fresh, running water from natural sources, ancient Indian wisdom has given us a way to structure water from any source. 


The solution is scientific and full proof – It’s Copper. Copper is THE metal that is perfectly suited to the wavelength, if you may, of water. It is able to neutralise the disturbance and help water regain its natural structure. 


This is why most indian homes, temples and other sacred or public spaces store their drinking water in copper containers. Similarly, one may submerge a copper plate into a container of drinking water for 8 to 10 hours and then drink it immediately for the best benefits.  


How does structured water help us?

Drinking structured water or cleansing yourself in it can heal the body. Since our bodies are made of 70% water, the structured water molecules that we consume or come into contact with, influence the water in our bodies and offer it the desired structure. This leads to optimal health and well being. 


The water in our bodies is not only structured but also electrically charged. In fact, all structured water is optimally charged. When it enters our bodies, it impacts cells and tissues in a positive manner. Plus structured water has an optimal PH value that is perfect for our health. It makes us feel satiated for longer due to its high nutritional value. 


Here is a list of wonderful things that structural water does to our bodies:


  • Improves digestion and aids metabolism
  • Controls blood pressure and cholesterol levels
  • Retains and replenishes energy levels of cells
  • Boosts kidney health
  • Drops blood glucose levels and manages diabetes
  • Improves focus, concentration and positive mood
  • Helps enhance quality of sleep and general well being 

The structured water controversy

Adequate investigation has been done and we have findings about structured water, especially with regard to blood glucose. But it continues to be a matter of slight dispute when it comes to the modern scientific community.  


Water is a massive industry and there are numerous entities, companies and establishments involved. Ideas such as structured or hexagonal water shake up old theories even though they are based on the idea of fresh water being better than processed water. 


That is the crux of structured water and its multiple benefits. 


Lastly, when you consume a glass of pure structured water, you will surely experience the truth through its refreshing taste and soothing effects. Over time, you will begin to understand and accept why our bodies are only supposed to take in structured water.

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